Friday, March 26, 2010

So Much Spring In Their Steps

{acne 'mayas' fr vanillascented; miu miu's fr the cherry blossom girl}


Aney said...

They're so pretty and perfect for the Spring weather!

Haha, I completely agree with your comment! We could definitely get along very well .. too bad you're all the way in Calgary!!

Aney said...

OH, and thanks to your post. I finally decided to give Maybelline's Great Lash Mascara a try. IT IS AMAZING! My lashes actually hold up now and they look great :) Totally worth every penny .. and possibly the cheapest mascara I've ever purchased!

Jess said...

So funny - I was totally JUST telling my friend that if I could own any pair of shoes this season they would be the Miu Miu's pictured here. Genius. Loving the blog girl :)

michelle_ said...

these shoes are freaking gorgeous !
dont forget to enter my Sex & the City 2 Film Set Tour giveaway !

Gayle said...

I should stop drooling any minute now.

Any minute......!

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