Thursday, March 25, 2010

Wannabe A Wildcat?!

{cat eye sunnies fr f21}

My unwashed hair and messy room are so not blogworthy right now, I apologize... but I figured with the rainbow it is. You'll be happy to know that I recently won my very first (of probably many) Ebay bid consisting of a battle between me and some other dude which I thought was quite exhilarating. I am so competitive! Thankfully I prevailed... the new app combined with my madd skills make for a winning team so now I have a $6 wireless camera remote coming my way. Oh the opportunities that will come about without having to run back and forth to press the shutter! Inside, outside, whatever (as long as I'm in direct line-of-sight and only 16ft away, supposedly haha). I love how Calgary weather is just so unpredictable: this morning the trees were frosted with white stuff then by the time I got out of lectures Mr. Sunshine had made it all go away. Time to pull out the sunnies! I've decided to give my Ray Ban's a longer spring break before I use the shit out of them again this summer, so these cat-eyes substitute for the classic wayfarer silhouette perfectly (purrfectly?). To be honest I never thought I'd be able to rock such frames but I'm in love and apparently all of Alexander Wang and Linda Farrow's wannabe friends are too this season... so I bought 2 pairs. One for me and one for... you?


Aney said...

They look exactly like the A. Wang ones! Who needs to pay a few hundred for them when you can find look-alikes at F21 for cheap!

KJ said...

dude. totally buying those. sick

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